Need to Remove a Load-Bearing Wall? We Can Help.

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If you're ready to renovate your home and need to remove a load-bearing wall, turn to Frazier Construction. We have more than 40 years of experience and can remove your wall safely.

Unlike other walls, load-bearing walls cannot be simply torn down. They support your roof and the structure of your home.

Our team can install beams and columns to replace your wall, so you can remodel your home safely. Call 916-601-7994 today to speak with an experienced contractor.

Rely on the renovation pros

Before you start a new remodeling project, make sure you turn to the experts at Frazier Construction. We'll inspect your property and make sure your renovation doesn't interfere with any load-bearing walls.

If your plan affects a load-bearing wall, we can:

  • Help adjust your renovation plan
  • Remove or replace the load-bearing wall
  • Make sure your home stays structurally sound
Set up an appointment with a contractor today.